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  • *** removed from website on advice from author *** 'Basins of Australia' map has been compiled as part of AGSO's studies of Australia's basins and continental margin. It shows outlines of all major sedimentary basins and sub-basins with their names both onshore and offshore. Outlines of sedimentary basins offshore were revised in 1995-96 to conform with new data/ideas on continental margin evolution and include volcanic margins features. The original compilation material included 44 published and unpublished contour maps (1977-1994) and 178 publications. The maps used for compilation varied in scale from 1:250 000 to 1:2 000 000, however, in some areas, where detailed maps were not available, small-scale maps (1:5 000 000 and even 1:10 000 000) were used to fill in the gaps. Large-scale maps have been generalised to conform to 1:6 000 000 scale of the final compilation. Most of the original maps reflected depth to basement (onshore basins, eastern and southern basins). In the absence of depth to the basement data, the deepest mapped horizon, or the horizon reflecting the main phase of rift basin development are portrayed (North West Shelf). The map shows outcrops of crystalline basement and Proterozoic basins. Different colour zones illustrate the age of oceanic crust. Plate tectonic elements, such as magnetic lineations, transform faults, continent-ocean boundary, subduction and collision zones are also included.

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  • Geoscience Australia's National Gravity Database contains data from more than 1,000,000 point gravity observations on the Australian mainland. These data have been collected from 1,814 gravity surveys dating back to 1937. This repository of gravity information is a valuable national asset with importance to the mineral and petroleum exploration industries, geodesy and the international scientific community. This February 2002 release contains approximately 30,000 more stations than the 2001 release.

  • Gravity survey conducted on a regular 4x4 km grid over approximately 47,8000 sq km on Youanmi, Leonora, Laverton, Rason, Barlee, Menzies, Edjudina, Minigwal 1:250,000 sheets. Survey conducted by contract. Point located data. The entire dataset may be purchased for $12,220. However, most of these data are included as point located data in the Australian National Gravity Database, February 2002 edition (ANGD), which can be downloaded for free. These data are not included in the 2001 national grid and image. The data that are not included in the ANGD cover the Lake Carey region (4x4 km spacing) - these data may be purchased for $4 per station, on a 1:100,000 sheet basis.

  • The Mount Brown and Mount Poole Inliers 1:30,000 regolith-landform map illustrates the distribution of regolith materials and the landforms on which they occur, described using the RTMAP scheme developed by Geoscience Australia