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  • International Quiet Days (IQD's) are the days where the geomagnetic variations are a minimum in each month. International Disturbed Days (IDD's) are 5 days in each month where the geomagnetic variations are maximum. The classification of days is relative only to the month of calculation. The average disturbance level in one month may differ from another.

  • Software for machine to machine minting of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). Minting of DOIs for datasets is facilitated through the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) as a member of DataCite.

  • The RadWaste, or Radioactive Waste Site identification Project, is a Department of Industry (D.o.I.) project, with the objective of locating and securing a national storage site suitable for the long-term storage of low-level and medium-level radioactive waste. The Radioactive Waste Site identification Application allows users to locate and geospatially identify the land they wish to nominate for assessment and then capture the location coordinates. The application no longer includes any system smarts such as weightings and suitability rankings or reporting functionality. The RadWaste applications are based upon the existing CIAP application framework and architecture.

  • Collection of tsunami related codes

  • The GA Animator Software is a tool used to create high quality fly-through animations of geoscience data for internal and external stakeholders. It is build using the NASA World Wind Java SDK, as a companion tool to the publicly available 3D Data Viewer.

  • A fully four-dimensional (3D x time) object-oriented biophysical dispersal model was developed to simulate the movement of marine larvae over semi-continuous surfaces. The model is capable of handling massive numbers of simulated larvae, can accommodate diverse life history patterns and distributions of characteristics, and saves point-level information to a relational database management system.

  • The RadWaste Reporting Tool allows Dept of Industry and GHD staff to analyse and compare Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) ratings of a site within a nominated location and ascertain the reason for the ranking and score. This tool also outputs a snapshot of the nominated site, giving a context map and scores against requirement criteria.