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  • Geoscience Australia (GA) has adopted Data Stewardship as an organisation-wide initiative to improve the way we manage and share our data. Although the theory behind data stewardship is well-defined and accepted and the benefits are generally well-understood, practical implementation requires an organisation to prepare for a long-term commitment of resources, both financial and human. Over the past four years, GA has undertaken strategic activities that prepare us for Data Stewardship. GA is now moving towards Data Stewardship as an operational capability and culture within the Agency.

  • Bluecap is an open-source python software library developed through a collaboration between Monash University and Geoscience Australia. The software enables geospatial economic simulation of Australian resource projects. The simulator's goal is to highlight regions of high potential value in the early planning/exploration phase. Bluecap is designed to assist companies in focusing their efforts on regions more likely to generate commercially-viable projects. It was initially developed for the purpose of supporting mineral exploration, and has recently been expanded to include the capability to model hydrogen production. The simulator is a pre-scoping tool that uses coarse-level empirical models to compare project prospects across large areas. Due to its broad scale, Bluecap lacks the detailed information necessary for full feasibility studies, and as such, it should not be used as the sole basis for investment decisions. The Bluecap software underpins Geoscience Australia's Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool (HEFT) and Economic Fairways Mapper. If you use Bluecap for a publication, please cite the following: Walsh, S.D.C., Northey, S.A., Huston, D., Yellishetty, M. and Czarnota, K. (2020) Bluecap: A Geospatial Model to Assess Regional Economic-Viability for Mineral Resource Development, Resources Policy. Geoscience Australia eCat number: 132645