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  • This project is based on the recognition that combinations of specific granite types and distinctive host rocks tend to be associated with certain types of Au, Cu, Zn, Pb, Sn and W mineralisation. Rarely is Proterozoic mineralisation hosted by granites themselves, for the most part being hosted in the country rock, often three or more kilometres from the nearest known granite. There is an apparent host rock control on the deposition of metals: this can be both compositional and also controlled by the competency of the host lithologies. This compositional host rock control has been documented by Stuart-Smith et al. (1993 - Geology and mineral deposits of the Cullen Mineral field, AGSO Bull. 229) for the Pine Creek Inlier and noted in the eastern Mount Isa Inlier by Wyborn and Heinrich (1993 - The relationship between late-tectonic felsic intrusives and Cu-Au mineralisation in the Eastern Fold Belt, Mount Isa Inlier, Trans Royal Soc Edinburgh, Earth Sci, 83, 201-209). This project collated data on the Proterozoic granites and their comagmatic volcanics, the mineralogical composition of the rocks that they intrude and briefly assessed the style and type of mineralisation present within 5 kms of an outcrop of granite. All data collated in the reports is built into the accompanying GIS, and essentially each item listed in the report is converted into a searchable item within the GIS. This project has aimed to provide the data and interpretations to show the following: 1) Which Proterozoic granites have metallogenic potential, 2) What commodities they are likely to be associated with, and 3) Where the better host rocks are located that are likely to host potential mineralisation. <p>Related material<a href=";catno=33388">The metallogenic potential of Australian Proterozoic granites. GA Record 2001/012.</a></p>

  • The black and white 55 page fossils resource contains information about what fossils are, what parts of living things become fossilised and the most common fossil groups. The process of fossilisation and geological time are also covered. 24 informative illustrated fact sheets cover a wide variety of plant, animal and trace fossils. Includes student activities suitable for primary Years 3-6 and secondary Years 7-10.

  • ACRES Update, Issue 25, December 2001 Government widens access to spatial data STAR Service in agricultural industry Australian landcover as never seen before

  • ACRES Update, Issue 24, July 2001 STAR Service shortens delivery time ACRES Poster features impace crater A unique applicaiton using satellie imagery as art

  • This CD-ROM contains a rudimentary Norfolk Island GIS created by AGSO in 2001 for the Department of Transport and Regional Services to aid in the divestment of Commonwealth lands. This disk contains relevant cadastre, ArcExplorer projects, National Capital Authority planning documentation and data, and suggestions for further work.

  • The renewables webmap contains locations of Australian renewable power stations that are greater than 3kW. Each power station has such information as fuel type, technology used, size (kW), ownership, latitude and longitude and data source. Web links and site photographs are provided where possible. A download feature is provided for clients who want the base data.

  • Mapping of outcrop geology on Laverton SH51-2 1:250 000 map sheet in the Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia, undertaken 1989-95 by Duggan MB, Williams PR, Jagodzinski EA, Rattenbury M, Champion D, Currie KL, Blake DH, Stewart AJ, Bastrakova I and J.Martyn and Associates, as part of the National Geoscience Mapping Accord (NGMA). Briefly, mapping consists of geological boundaries/units, faults, folds, veins, dykes, joints, linears, marker beds, trends, structural measurements, and mineral deposits.

  • Regular release of offshore acreage, part of the Australian Governmen's strategy to encourage investment in petroleum exploration. Provides information to intending investors in the Australian petroleum (oil and gas) sector, and to general public on the Australian investment framework for petroleum. It has been produced in the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources by the Petroleum and Electricity Division, in consultation with the Mines Departments in the six States and the Northern Territory. 2001 offshore petroleum acreage release package is available on CD-ROM or at internet address:

  • Dataset for the Bonaparte Release area contains biostratigraphic, reservoir facies, and organic geochemistry from wells in release region. This area is part of the Northwest Region.