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  • Online resource API to AusPIX-enable (DGGS enable) spatial datasets for smaller areas of Australia. The main API will accept your geojson file, complete with data attributes, AusPIX DGGS enable it, and return as a download, the finished output. Download includes the features and attributes the source file had in it so the data is actually AusPIX enabled. Both manual and machine readable components are available. A further (2nd) API "test map" API allows the user to draw points, lines, or polygons on the map, and have the area of interest AusPIX DGGS enabled as a returned list of cells. Potentially data for these cells can be searched for in AusPIX Data Integration by Locality tables or using the AusPIX linked Data API. Search for Keyword "AusPIX" for these resources in eCat