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  • The Clip and Zip tool takes an input polygon extent as WKT input and clips required featureclasses listed. The data is referenced from its own database with all layers projected to 4326 spatial reference. The output is a zipped file geodatabase with a copyright text file included.

  • The Identify_Tool service includes the key set of infrastructure layers included in the LeastCostPath and ClipAndZip geoprocessing tools. The indentify query uses a dynamic tolerance and returns features including geometry as JSON.

  • The AMSIS Distance To tool calculates the distance to a selected marine feature. The output is the distance to the nearest feature from the given location.

  • The Criteria Assessment tool takes the input path or area created by the user and the input variables chosen to generate a heat map surface, KML surface, KMZ surface and PDF Report. This service is specifically for use within the Carbon Capture and Storage application.

  • The Print Service provides PDF map prints via an online interface. This service prints detailed PDF maps, including scale bar and marginalia.