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  • Titles in this newsletter: New hydrocarbon plays in the Bass Basin New gravity standards An exhaustive study of Permian coals concludes Release of new gravity and terrain data sets Recent BMR publications and data releases The Clarence-Moreton Basin: a multidisciplinary study begins BMR to host ISMI meeting Space-shuttle radar research soon to be launched BMR commences new offshore research program Four new petroleum-oriented cruises in the southwest Pacific Fission-track analysis to provide clues to sedimentary basin thermal histories AUSTCO: a computer-based well data system Lamproite: a new important primary source of diamond Developing methods for hydrocarbon assessment of Precambrian basins Future direction of airborne geophysical mapping and interpretation Long-wavelength magnetic anomalies Lake George: preliminary palynology of deep sediments Uranium deposits handbooks forthcoming RAD's enhanced oil recovery studies Conodont colour alteration applied to thermal maturation and mineralisation studies New stratigraphic correlations in the Tennant Creek inlier McArthur Basin hydrocarbon assessment studies

  • Titles in this newsletter: BMR strikes the world's oldest oil Murray Basin: Mid-Tertiary palynological biostratigraphy and climate Heard on the Kerguelen Plateau Structural and tectonic styles in the Eromanga Basin Farewell: John Ferguson Microbiologically enhanced oil recovery Database directory New source for industrial minerals' prices Reviews: Selected recent publications Characterisation of Australian petroleum accumulations BMR's new numerical resevoir simulator PASSCAL: a new high-resolution seismic study of the continents BMR's marine tau-p studies in preparation for a survey of the Exmouth Plateau Central Eromanga region: new ideas on the maturation history and development In-situ crustal stress measurements A new advance in dating weathered profiles BMR's contribution to the Circum-Pacific Map Project Reservoir fluid (PVT) analysis Publication of Project Investigator-1 charts Crustal geophysics research in Europe Highlights of a recent phosphate workshop and symposium, SE USA Review: The Canberra Geomagnetic Workshop, May 1985 BMR's Intergraph workstation Australia/USSR Earth-science co-operation Honour: Liz Truswell New image-processed magnetics for the 'Top End' GPS surveying for the Earth sciences Hydrocarbon indications off western Tasmania

  • Titles in this newsletter: Transpressional strike-slip faulting in the Mount Isa Inlier Sedimentary phosphate discovered on the South Tasman Rise Honour: Dan Bubela Deep-tow side-scan sonar: a new tool for seafloor studies Australian Iron Ore Industry Mission to Brazil, July 1985 Polymetallic nodules: a commercial product or a collectors' item? Erratum: BMR Report 268, Australian Geoscience 1984 Location of the southmagnetic pole737 The Nth-root stack: a process for enhancing the interpretation of geophysical data The oldest age determined for Pilbara greenstones The Ocean Drilling Program: proposed Australasian sites Mineral potential of the southwest Pacific Northeast Australia research cruises Proof of explosive origin for the Lawn Hill circular structure BMR seismic line in SE Queensland probes shallow and deep sedimentary basins Lord Howe Rise cruise: data release Towards the completion of reconnaissance aeromagnetic coverage of Australia Honour: Peter Davies Forthcoming publication: Uranium - world perspective Farewell: Cliff Oilier Research on radioisotope-rich granites International Volcanological Congress, New Zealand: Explosive volcanism, geochemistry, hazards, and metallogenesis US/Australia Joint Scanner Project: Technological advances in remote sensing applied in Australia Otway Basin: Processing of recent regional marine seismic data nears completion Archaean volcanics in the Pilbara Block: Petrogenetic, tectonic, and economic implications of a trace-element study

  • Titles in this newsletter: Gold targets in the northeast Duketon 1:250 000 Sheet area, Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia How ancient is the Bungle Bungle Range of the East Kimberley, Western Australia? The Mount Isa geodynamic transect: The deep seismic reflection profile south of Mount Isa and Cloncurry The Mount Isa geodynamic transect: Implications of the seismic refraction model The Mount Isa geodynamic transect: A 2.5-dimensional metallogenic GIS analysis A major magmatic event during 1050-1080 Ma in central Australia, and an emplacement age for the Giles Complex The effective elastic thickness of the Australian crust: a major control on the wavelength and shape of topography and basins The precious-metals potential of the Rockley Volcanics in the Lachlan Fold Belt A continued effort to improve lead-isotope model ages

  • Titles in this newsletter: Re-evaluating the structure of Broken Hill: Implications for mineral exploration and the interpretation ofairborne magnetic data If only Newton had had AGSO's FieldPad New insights to the evolution of the Bass Basin The use of X-rays and neutrons to evaluate hydrocarbon generation in petroleum-source rocks The age of Cu-Au mineralisation, Cloncurry district, Mount Isa Inlier, as determined by 40Ar/39Ar dating Depths of emplacement of Precambrian layered intrusions in the East Kimberley Petroleum systems of the Bowen and Surat Basins Alteration mineral mapping with the laser Raman microprobe: a new technique Complex attributes: new tools for enhancing aeromagnetic data Crustal architecture in northwest Tasmania revealed by deep seismic reflection profiling Sources of fluoride in groundwater in north Queensland Further constraints on sequence stratigraphic correlations in the Mount Isa, McNamara, and McArthur Groups: The Shady Bore Quartzite-Riversleigh Siltstone transition in the 'NABRE'-hood of Riversleigh, northwest Queensland Source and generation history of Palaeozoic hydrocarbons, Petrel Sub-basin

  • Titles in this newsletter: Mineral-mapping in the north Pilbara Craton: A directed-principal-components-of-band-ratios method for correlating Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper spectral data with geology Proterozoic thrusting in the Osmand Range area of the East Kimberley, Western Australia Rock magnetism gets under way in AGSO Piercing the regolith veil: Identifying parent rocks from weathered equivalents, Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia Pieces of eight: Charting the event-related surfaces of the Mount Isa and McArthur basins Balanced petrology of the crust in the Mount Isa region Rocks of Mount Isa Group age in the Eastern Fold Belt Recent tectonics and landscape evolution in the Broken Hill region Why sequence stratigraphy and not lithostratigraphy for exploration? Geodynamic models and palaeomagnetic constraints on the evolution of the North West Shelf

  • Titles in this newsletter: Multibeam sonar reveals sea-bed structure and processes off east Tasmania and Gippsland The continental margin off west Tasmania, and Tasmania's marginal plateaus Multiple filling history in the Gilmore gas field, Adavale Basin, central Queensland Archaean geology of the Lake Violet 1:100 000 Sheet area, Yandal greenstone belt, Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia Oil families, petroleum systems and supersystems: North West Shelf and eastern Indonesian synergies - today Australia, tomorrow the world! Lineament interpretation for groundwater assessment in arid central Australia Are there Voisey's Bay-type Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposits in the East Kimberley of Western Australia? Speculations relating to the layered mafic-ultramafic intrusions of the East Kimberley, Western Australia Nutrients, catchment run-off, and estuarine response in the Swan-Canning estuary, Western Australia Solid geology of the Nabberu 1:250 000 Sheet area, Western Australia

  • Titles in this newsletter: A newly discovered major Proterozoic granite-alteration system in the Mount Webb region, central Australia, and implications for Cu-Au mineralisation A Mesoproterozoic palaeomagnetic age for the gold-bearing Quamby Conglomerate, Queensland A comparison of Ordovician and Devonian magmatism in the eastern Lachlan Fold Belt: re-evaluating exploration targets AGSO's new confocal laser Raman microprobe Problems with the Cretaceous biostratigraphic system of Australia: time for a review Gamma-ray spectrometric data: modelling to map primary lithology and later chemical mobilisation Using images in a geological interpretation of magnetic data Average composition of the crust in the Australian, Fennoscandian and Ukrainian shields from refraction seismic studies and petrophysical modelling Shrimp U-Pb dating of ignimbrites in the Pul Pul Rhyolite, Northern Territory: A cautionary tale New Nd-isotopic and geochemical data from the west Pilbara: Implications for Archaean crustal accretion and shear zone movement Basement studies in basin analysis: new insights into the evolution of the Lawn Hill Platform