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  • This Hub contains information, resources and discovery of Commonwealth Historical Aerial Photography across Australia. Geoscience Australia has developed the Historical Aerial Photography (HAP) collection in an online data delivery system. Using the application, uses can search and download the commonwealth photography collection for free. The hub demonstrates the breadth of the collection and showcases the efforts in collecting and curating an extensive physical collection of film and documents. Geoscience Australia has the most extensive historical aerial photography collection in terms of land coverage and time (from 1928-1996). This online catalogue provides means of easy search of the collection records. The mapping system allows users to understand what information is available and, if digitised, to preview and download the image data. The application contains a map which users can search areas, current location or an area of interest, as well as customize the search criteria (date range, film number etc). The search results list the available aerial photography or flight line diagram, and if is available for direct download for free.

  • Geoscience Australia’s Historical Aerial Photography Program currently involves scanning and georeferencing old flight diagrams to enable the digitising and positioning of historical aerial photographs for easy discovery and download. Accurate digital mapping of GA’s aerial photography collection will make catalogue searches easier and the collection more accessible to the public. This story map presents an interactive history of aerial photography, a background of aerial photography in Australia, historical aerial photography use cases and scenarios, and a background on Geoscience Australia's program to digitise flight diagrams and create a catalogue of aerial photographs.