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  • The railways that link urban and regional Australia have played a significant role in the development of our nation. Rail transport contributes many billions of dollars every year to Australia`s economy. Many of the products we use every day have travelled by rail at some stage in their journey. From home to work or across the country, passenger trains carry more than 500 million people each year - that`s around 25 times Australia`s population! With the opening of the Alice Springs to Darwin line in February 2004, all mainland capital cities and their ports are now connected by a 9420 kilometre network of standard gauge track, known as the Interstate Rail Network. The Railways of Australia thematic map reflects Australia`s impressive rail network. Whether it is used as a functional reference map or simply an outstanding wall-piece, Railways of Australia is a must for all rail enthusiasts and industries that rely on the nation`s rail network. Railways of Australia shows major passenger and freight lines, selected tourist railways, and metropolitan rail networks. Travelling times and distances, length of track, passenger loads, freight tonnage, and fabulous facts about Australia`s rail network are also included. This map was produced with the help of the Australasian Railway Association and Railpage. Product Specifications Coverage: Australia Scale: 1:5,000,000 (1 cm on the map measures 50km) Currency: November 2003 Coordinates: Geographical Datum: GDA94 Projection: Simple Conic on two standard parallels 18S and 36S