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  • A Linked Data API, using Python Flask which is an HTTP API framework, used to deliver representations of GA's aerial Surveys online as Linked Data. The API reads data from another HTTP API: the ARGUS XML API. The ARGUS XML API is generated by Oracle software and delivers XML representations of Survey objects stored in the ARGUS database. The online endpoints for the ARGUS XML API as accessed by this Surveys API are given in a config file within this API's code. Details about how to use this API are given within the main README file of this API's code repository (

  • This Agreements ontology is designed to model 'agreements' which are social contracts that include: licenses, laws, contracts, Memoranda of Understanding, standards and definitional metadata. Its purpose is to support data sharing by making explicit the relationships between agreements and data and agreements and Agents (people and organisations). Eventually it will also help with the interplay between different classes of agreements. We think of this ontology as a 'middle' ontology, that is one which specializes well-known, abstract, upper ontologies and is able to be used fairly widely but is expected to be used particular contexts in conjunction with detailed, domain-specific, lower ontologies. We have tried to rely on: existing agent, data manipulation, metadata and licence ontologies where possible. As such we specialise the ORG and FOAF ontologies; the PROV ontology; the Dublin Core Terms RDF schema & DCAT ontology; and the ODRS vocabulary & Creative Commons RDF data models for those areas, respectively

  • Geoscience Australia (GA) has adopted Data Stewardship as an organisation-wide initiative to improve the way we manage and share our data. Although the theory behind data stewardship is well-defined and accepted and the benefits are generally well-understood, practical implementation requires an organisation to prepare for a long-term commitment of resources, both financial and human. Over the past four years, GA has undertaken strategic activities that prepare us for Data Stewardship. GA is now moving towards Data Stewardship as an operational capability and culture within the Agency.